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Elecon Engineering Company Limited

Established in 1951, Elecon Engineering Co. Ltd, India, pioneered breakthrough innovations in the manufacture of material handling equipment, industrial Geared Motors (Products of PBL) and reducers, mining equipment, casting processes etc. Elecon is one of the largest manufacturers of MHE and Industrial gears in Asia. Elecon’s recent acquisition of Benzlers – Radicon Group of businesses from David Brown Gear Systems Group adds to the expertise in manufacturing customized gearboxes for Steel Mills, High speed Turbines, satellites for Indian Space Research Program and Naval aircraft carriers.

During the span of 6 decades, Elecon has encompassed all the major core sectors through its supplies of highly sophisticated equipment bearing ample testimony of the symbolic mark of Elecon’s unbeatable technology. Elecon has thus with its marketing network and execution capabilities, made its presence felt through consistent and satisfactory performance of its equipment and successful delivery of projects in core sectors as fertilizer, cement, coal, power generation, mining, chemical, steel, port mechanization, minerals & metals processing, etc.

Elecon has expanded its skills and expertise to execute EPC contracts and has successfully executed several EPC projects in India. Elecon has transformed into a fully integrated EPC company in areas of its specialization.

Power Transmission Solutions

A separate Gear division manufactures

  • Helical and Bevel Helical Gear boxes
  • Worm Gear boxes
  • Elevator Traction Machines (Lift Gear boxes)
  • Couplings
  • Wind Mill Gear boxes
  • High Speed Gear boxes
  • Planetary Gear boxes
  • Marine Gear boxes
  • Geared Motors (Products of PBL)
  • Custom built Gear boxes
  • Vertical Roller Mill Drive (VRM)

Elecon has expertise in providing customised gear boxes for Steel Mills, High Speed Turbines, Sugar Mills, Marine vessels, Coast Guard Ships, Plastic Extrusions, Antena Drives and for Satellites in the Indian Space Programme.

Alternate Energy Division

Elecon having the prior experience in the field of Wind Power, installed around 50 Nos. Wind Turbines of 300 KW rating during 1995 to 1998 in Gujarat. During the year 2001, ELECON decided to diversify the Wind Turbine Business and installed 2 WTGs of 600 KW in Gujarat and 2 WTGs in T.N as a prototype turbine. Elecon is now planning to expand its Wind Turbine business all over the world with it expertise in the field of manufacturing and strong infrastructure available at their plants at Vallabh Vidynagar, a town near Anand in Gujarat, India.

With diversed focus, Elecon has decided to produce the Quality Wind Turbines in technical collaboration with TURBOWIND n.v of Belgium. With wide experience in the field Turbowind has worldwide installation of 600KW* Wind Turbines in many countries in Europe, India, Canada, Ukraine etc. working in diverse climatic conditions.

With buoyancy in the Wind Energy Sector, Elecon contemplates introduction of Multi-Megawatt range of Wind Turbines in their manufacturing range in near future, besides the present range of 600 KW.


Here is the Saga made of great vision and sheer determination. Soon after India’s independence, Elecon starting making it’s presence felt in industrial scenario in most productive and enriching manner. [...]


Create global presence in power transmission by innovating and developing products to enhance value and satisfaction of our Customers. We adapt to the changes and meet the challenges by creative [...]


We are committed to be present in all the leading & emerging markets of the world by expanding, collaborating and associating with other partners and consolidating our presence in already penetrated markets. [...]


Elecon’s Gear Division is acknowledged in the industry as the most modern in the country. All machineries and testing equipments are computer controlled, ensuring a high degree of precision in the manufacture [...]

Awards & Certification

DSIR Registered R&D certificate ISO 9001:2008 certificate
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